Text Box: Long Island Harp Studio


Troubadour or Lever Harps in different wood tones.

How serious do I have to be to start taking harp lessons?


Because of the financial commitment, it should be something you really want to do. However, each player has different goals. Susan will work hard to enable you to reach that goal, whether it is playing solely for yourself, your family and friends, competing in harp competitions, performing solos at your house of worship, playing in the pit of a High School musical or with a Youth Orchestra.


What about playing another instrument?


Playing another instrument is encouraged. In fact, students with orchestral or band experience generally have an easier time making the transition to performing harp in a group setting than those without it. A  fundamental knowledge of piano is suggested for any student who has plans to be a college music major. Most college programs require students to pass a piano proficiency exam.


My child is already in Middle/High School is it too late to learn the harp?


If your child already excels on another instrument, particularly the piano, adding the harp can be a great idea. The biggest challenge is having enough time in their schedule for lessons and practice. An older student is expected to practice at least one hour per day. Students trying to progress quickly will have to put in even more time. With honors, AP and extra curricular activities finding the time can be difficult. However, many very successful harpists have started in Middle School, High School or even in College.


I am very interested in taking lessons at Long Island Harp Studio. What is the first step?


Send an email to: harpist@longislandharpstudio.com or phone directly (631) 754-8022 to schedule your free trial lesson.


Do you have studio harp recitals?


Recitals are a highlight of the studio.  We have a traditional recital in the early summer and a theme based recital — chosen by the students — in the late fall.


Will playing the harp make me become more like an angel or feel like a princess?


On a good day, absolutely!  On any day, playing can enhance your life.