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Every harp  is numbered and labeled with the name of the manufacturer.


At Long Island Harp Studio, the goal is to bring out the best in each student. Whether you are in elementary school, middle or high school, home schooled, or an adult who finally has time to follow a lifelong dream, everyone can learn to play the harp.


· Each person is talented in different ways and will progress at a different speed. 

· Students with previous musical instrument experience usually learn more quickly.  

· Lessons are structured to highlight individual strengths while working on weaknesses. A wide variety of method books and solos are used. 

· Students learn best through positive reinforcement. While lessons can be serious work, we will also have plenty of time for fun!


Two different types of harps are taught: the pedal or orchestral harp, and the troubadour or folk/lever harp.  People who plays these harps are called “harpists.”


“Harpers” are musicians that play lap harps, ethnic harps, and Celtic harps, instruments that employ all steel strings and or/a different string tension, size or spacing from the pedal harp. This is almost like playing a different instrument. It is a very unique, beautiful and important part of the harp world. This includes harpers that become trained music therapists. Some of the music employed by harpers is part of our repertoire, but true folk, Celtic or therapy harp style is not taught at Long Island Harp Studio.


Often the basics of playing these small harps can be taught to students before they move on to lessons with a professional harper.  Other students will decide to change harps and purchase or rent a pedal or troubadour harp. Please inquire about what might work best for you.


Learning to play the harp is the same as for any other instrument; to be successful you need to practice regularly and take lessons from an experienced person. You’ve   probably seen videos or online courses that are available on the web. However, correct hand position and technique are difficult to achieve without the one-on-one, direct  personal contact of a private teacher.  They are essential for continued progress.


To begin lessons, all students must have access to their own harp for daily practice. Prices start at $50-60 per month for a rental.  Many companies have trial and rent to own options and payment plans.


Family discount is available if students schedule lessons back-to-back on the same day. As with the piano, sharing the harp with a sibling is easy and convenient. And, duo harp music is a great way to have even more fun on the harp!




Lessons are given on a Style 15 semi-grand pedal harp and a Prelude lever harp. Both are made by Lyon & Healy.


Long Island Harp Studio